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Match Report
11 January 2019 / Team News

Pentyrch v Fairwater 25-37

Match Report Pentyrch v Fairwater on 5th January 2019


On a bright sunny but bitterly cold afternoon Fairwater kicked off and unfortunately the ball went straight out and the referee awarded a scrum to the Tyrchs on the half way line. The Tyrchs won the scrum but lost the ball in the tackle and after a few minutes of scrappy play found themselves back in their 22. Fairwater regained the ball, put pressure on the Tyrchs who had to be on their toes after the ball was kicked through over the Tyrchs line. Fairwater looked a far better team than previous seasons. The Tyrchs restarted the game with a 22 drop out which was knocked on by Fairwater. The Tyrchs won the following scrum and after showing positive intent the ball reached Nathan Williams coming through from the opposite wing. Nathan cut through the defence and running all the way from his own 22 scored a very good try under the posts. It was converted by Rhys Lynch making the score Tyrchs 7 Fairwater 0.

Fairwater restarted the game and soon conceded a penalty to the Tyrchs. Rhys Lynch put in a good kick to touch and following the resulting lineout moved the ball swiftly down the left flank only to see Dente forced into touch in the Fairwater 22. The Tyrchs were then awarded a free kick and elected to take a scrum. Under pressure Fairwater conceded a penalty which Rhys successfully concerted. Score Tyrchs 10 Fairwater 0.

Fairwater restarted the game knocked the ball on when attempting to catch it but another Fairwater player was penalised for being offside. The ball was kicked to touch but the Tyrchs lost the following lineout and Fairwater turned the pressure on the Tyrchs defence. The Tyrchs defended valiantly but eventually conceded a penalty which was converted successfully by Tom Mcalloon. Score Tyrchs 10 Fairwater 3.

At the rest start Michael Symmonds pressured Fairwater to lose the ball and after successfully winning the scrum the Tyrchs ran the ball up the right hand side for Nathan Williams to score near the corner flag The conversion was unsuccessful making the score Tyrchs 15  Fairwater 3.

Fairwater restarted the game and were immediately awarded a penalty which was kicked between the posts by Tom Mcalloon. Score Tyrchs 15 Fairwater 6.

The Tyrchs restarted the game, pressured the Fairwater defence but unfortunately knocked the ball on in the process. Fairwater won the resulting scrum and moved the ball positively into the Tyrchs half forcing the Tyrchs to concede a penalty. Tom Mcalloon kicked the ball high towards the posts and to the astonishment of the Tyrch supporters awarded three points despite both touch judges not raising their flags. Score Tyrchs 15 Fairwater 9. 

Fairwater were now looking strong after being boosted by the two penalties and again pressured the Tyrchs following the kick off. Good positive running by Fairwater nearly resulted in a try. The Tyrchs were awarded a scrum and the ball was cleared up to the half way line. Fairwater won the ball and following a series of good rolling mauls scored a try which was converted by Tom Mcalloon. Score Tyrchs 15 Fairwater 16.

At the restart the Tyrchs redoubled their efforts to score and after winning the ball back ran the ball positively. A try looked probable only for Joe Paddison to be high tackled on the Fairwater line. The referee awarded a penalty after turning down requests for a penalty try and Rhys converted making the score Tyrchs 18 Fairwater 16. 

Fairwater restarted the game and the Tyrchs made a good exit from their 22. Fairwater were awarded a lineout which they duly won and ran the ball strongly up the middle of the field. Quickly recycling the ball they were awarded a try by touching the ball into one of the post pads. The Tyrch players protested as the player had not grounded the ball at the foot of the posts but some three feet up the post. Tom Mcalloon kicked the conversion making the half time score Tyrchs 18 Fairwater 23.

Half Time.   

The Tyrchs kicked off the second half with Fairwater knocking the ball on when attempting to catch it. The Tyrchs won the resulting scrum and ran the ball positively to the left. Looking dangerous they lost the ball after a head high tackle which went unpunished by the referee. Fairwater fair play took immediate advantage and scored another try by Tom Mcalloon who converted it. Score Tyrchs 18 Fairwater 30.  In about fifteen minutes of play the score had gone from 15-9 to the Tyrchs to 30-18 to Fairwater.

The Tyrchs restarted the game and were awarded a penalty for off side. The Tyrchs won the lineout, ran the ball positively only to be tackled into touch. The game then became a little scrappy with both sides being awarded penalties and scrums. The Tyrchs were then awarded a penalty for another high tackle. Rhys Lynch found a good touch in the Fairwater 22.  The Tyrchs won the following line out and ran the ball quite close to the Fairwater line, only to lose the ball in contact.  Fairwater won the scrum which followed, but knocked the ball on. The Tyrchs were awarded a scrum, which Fairwater defended very well. The Tyrchs regained the ball, and after some strong pressure from the Tyrch forwards, Tom Marley scored a try, just to the left of the posts.  Rhys Lynch converted the try, making the score Tyrchs 25 Fairwater 30, with 15 minutes to go. 

At the restart, Fairwater tried a quick kick off, only for the Tyrchs to be awarded a scrum as the ball had not gone 10 metres. The Tyrchs won the scrum, but unfortunately knocked the ball on. Fairwater were penalised at the resulting scrum, and Rhys put in another good touch. The Tyrchs were penalised at the line out for not throwing the ball in straight, and from the following scrum Fairwater scored another try to the right of the posts.  Score Tyrchs 25 Fairwater 37.

At the restart, the Tyrchs were awarded a scrum, which they won, and after running the ball, were awarded a penalty.  The Tyrchs won the following line out, but lost the ball forward.  Fairwater won the resulting scrum, only to again concede a penalty.  The Tyrchs elected to take a scrum, and exerted very strong pressure on the Fairwater defence.  Fairwater managed to keep the Tyrchs out, regained the ball, and found touch on the half way line.  The Tyrchs won the resulting line out, and again exerted a great deal of pressure on Fairwater.  The Tyrchs continued to pressure Fairwater, were awarded another penalty and following a scrum, were very unlucky not to score. The referee awarded a penalty to Fairwater and after checking with the referee, tapped the ball and kicked it into touch, ending the game.


Final score Tyrchs 25  Fairwater 37.

This coming weekend we see the boys host Penygraig in the last 16 of the bowl competition and both 2nds and youth are away to Llandaff North and Llantwit Major both KO at 2-30pm










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