Club Chaplain


Club Chaplain

Gerrit Bantjes, a former player and coach for Pentyrch RFC, was appointed Club Chaplain in 2016

Introduction to Chaplaincy

Who can people talk to about fears, hopes, dreams and disappointments in life? Is there someone that will listen with a sympathetic ear who is impartial and will keep it all confidential? With whom can they let off steam without fear of reprisal? Can someone help with big life decisions? Who can they turn to when things go wrong, a nasty injury occurs, a loved one dies, a relationship breaks down or depression strikes.

A Club Chaplain offers vital welfare support. But of course, it is not just about support in tough times, a chaplain also seeks to pour strength into relationships during the good times. Research shows that people who have a good balance in the 3 key areas of life - physical, mental and spiritual - are far more rounded and grounded in life, more content and are not only more resilient to the knocks and setbacks of life but also tend to outperform their peers.

"The sports chaplain is expected to provide ongoing pastoral and spiritual care, by permission, to those of faith or no faith, for the holistic wellbeing of all involved in the community of sport"

Contact details for Gerrit are:


Mobile: 07967658197

Latest videos

For more videos, see Gerrit's YouTube channel.