The Rams

The RAMS Golf Society


President: Mr John Berry

Officers of the Society

Captain: Mr John Davey

Treasurer Mr Chris Morris

Treasurer (Tour) Mr Nigel Churcher

Away Days for 2017 are as follows

Thornbury GC May 5th, Winner Mr David Llewelyn 35 Points

Ragland GC July 7th.      Winner Mr Alan Mould 38 points, hit the link for pic


Both approx £50.00 per day inc of Coach, Bacon rolls, coffee and 2 course dinner + prizes etc etc ,

Our tour this year will take a slightly different format with us playing the usual 3 games but returning on the Sat evening after a meal etc 

Dates to put in the diary for your tour are as follows Sept 7th to 9th 2017

Coach to Yeovil GC for a round of golf the we travel to stay at the Thistle Hotel Poole with golf on the Friday at Bridport GC for Alliance Cup and on the Saturday we travel to Wells GC for prizes and dinner after the round, we then travel home. The cost will be around £280 pp. 

Handicaps   Jul-17  
 Peter  Allen 17  
 John  Berry 17  
 Colin  Champ 19  
 Nigel  Churcher 9  
 John  Davey 18  
 Huw  Llewelyn Davies 14  
 John  Edmunds 21  
 Kevin  Fry 28  
 Bob  Gilchrist 24  
 Bob  Hannah 20  
 Elwyn  John 23  
 Roger  Jones 26  
 Brian  Lee 13  
 Jeff  Lewis 17  
 David  Llewelyn 16  
 Paul  Marley 17  
 Jim   Martin  26  
 Ray   Martin  25  
 Charles   Middleton  28  
 Ravi  Mitha 19  
 Chris  Morris 11  
 Alan  Mould 10  
 Doug  Nash 28  
 Richard  Porch 18  
 John  Priest 10  
 Gareth  Pritchard 18  
 Maurice  Rausa 26  
 Alan  Rees 25  
 John  Rowley 21  
 Alan  Siddall 28  
 Barry  Topping Morris 22  
 Gwilym  Treharne 8  
 Billy  Weeks 24  
 Colin  Williams 12  
 Neville  Williams 15  
 Kevin   Willmott  22  

Winners from 2017 season

President shield Champion: Mr David Llewelyn 35 Points Thornbury GC

Bladen & John Cup Champion:   Mr Alan Mould 38 Points Raglan GC         

Alliance Cup:   Mr. John Priest 33 Points  Bridport GC

Committee Cup: Mr. Gareth Pritchard & Mr. Colin Williams 47 Points (new stableford format)

Christmas Classic:



Winners of Competitions

Winners from 2016 season

President shield Champion:  John Berry 42 points Forrest Hills GC

Bladen & John Cup Champion: Jeff Lewis 38 Points Llandrindod Wells GC

Alliance Cup: John Davey  39 Points  Haverfordwest GC

Committee Cup:Bob Hannah & John Priest Creigiau Won by 1 hole

Christmas Classic: Elwyn John 36 Points Creigiau GC

Winners from 2015 season

President shield Champion: Jeff Lewis 37 points Ashburnham GC

Bladen & John Cup Champion: Roger Jones  43 points Saltford GC

Alliance Cup: Gareth Pritchard   39 points  Honiton GC

Committee Cup: Nigel Churcher & Peter Allen

Christmas Classic: Mr Ravi Mitha 43 Points Creigiau GC


Winners from 2014 season

President shield Champion: Neville Williams 35 points Farrington Park

Bladen & John Cup Champion: David Llewelyn 34 points Carmarthen GC

Alliance Cup: Jim Martin 39 points Churston GC

Committee Cup: Elwyn John & Gwilym Treharne Greigiau GC

Christmas Classic: Paul Williams 37 Points Greigiau GC



Winners from 2013 season

President shield Champion: Barry Topping Morris 36 points Builth Wells

Bladen & John Cup Champion: Richard Porch 42 points Chipping Sodbury

Alliance Cup: Maurice Rausa 36 points Meyrick Park

Committee Cup: Chris Morris & Maurice Rausa

Christmas Classic: Not Played


Winners from 2012 season

President shield Champion: Nigel Churcher 37 points Belmont GC

Bladen & John Cup Champion: Kevin Willmott 37 points Tall Pines GC

Alliance Cup: Nigel Churcher 27 points Bellilse GC

Committee Cup: Maurice Rausa & Paul Williams

Christmas Classic: Not Played


Winners from 2011 season

President shield Champion: James Fry 39 points at Newport Pembs GC

Bladen & John Cup Champion: Mr Richard Porch 37points Clyne GC

Alliance Cup: Leamington & County GC: Colin Williams 35 points

Sunday 18th Sept Committee Cup Winners: (Creigiau GC) Alan Mould & Adrian Coombes 3 & 2

Tuesday 27th Dec: Christmas Classic Winner: Greg Parker 40 points Creigiau GC


Winners from 2010 season

President shield Champion: Mr Alan Mould Bowood GC

Bladen & John Cup Champion: Mr Huw Llewelyn Davies 41 points The Monmouthshire GC

Alliance Cup: Mr Alan Rees 39 points Ashbury GC

Christmas Classic:

Not Played due to snow


Winners from 2009 season

President shield Champion: Mr Chris Morris Won with 36 points at Langland Bay GC

Bladen & John Cup Champion: Mr Alan Rees Won with 37 Points. Ross on Wye GC

Alliance Cup: Mr John Edmunds is the new holder of the cup, Sporting the new Polo shirt for the Rams 

which was played for in Blarney GC

Christmas Classic:

Mr Kevin Link 38 points Creigiau GC


Winners from 2008 season

President shield champion: Roger Jones Won with 45 points Filton GC

Bladen & John Cup Champion: not played

Alliance Cup: Elwyn John (Nottingham Tour)

Christmas Classic: Paul Morris

 Presidents Shield Winner 2015 Jeff Lewis

 Bladen and John Cup Winner 2015 Roger Jones

 Alliance Cup Winner 2015 Gareth Pritchard

 Christmas Classic Winner 2015 Ravi Mitha

 Victor Loduram Winner Gareth Pritchard

 Committee Cup Winners Peter Allen & Nigel Churcher