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In the beginning in 1984...

...there was a rugby pitch, a rugby ball and six young boys aged between eight and eleven!

The section started meeting on typical Pentyrch Autumn nights (cold and wet) on Friday evenings between 6 and 7pm, practising basic rugby skills and these sessions began following a rugby tournament held at Parc Y Dwrlyn when Pentyrch Primary School entered a competition day with nobody to supervise them on the day.  It turned out that none of the boys had ever played rugby and they had enough players to enter a team in the under 9s and a seven-a-side team in the under 11s competition.  The teams were chosen according to size – with the tallest in the forwards and the shortest in the backs, consequently, every game was lost by huge scores.

Back to Friday night training.  A shortage of players meant that the squads weren’t able to play other teams, this situation remained for about a year during which time the playing membership increased and more rugby coaches became involved.  These coaches included Gareth Gardner, Gareth Williams, Martyn Moss, John Lewis and Meiron Morgan.

From these early days the mini rugby grew from an acorn to an oak tree and now we have the excellent contribution to rugby that the club was aiming for - thanks to many volunteers.

Today we have the largest Mini & Junior section in the Cardiff & Vale District with teams throughout the age groups, from under 7s to under 16s.  We have had many players go on to have successful rugby careers at the highest levels and also earn international caps, the latest and current Welsh international being Seb Davies.

The Committee


  Age Group Team Manager Contact Email


Harry Rees m& Under 7s

Wenna Pritchard


Joe Wilson Under 8s  Jane Drinkwater-Evans

Vice Chairman - Juniors

Kevin Fitzgerald m& Under 9s Becky Williams
Vice Chairman - Minis

Phil Smith

m& Under 10s Tim Gibbs


James Jones m& Under 11s Frazer Williams


Julie Williams  m& Under 12s Joe Wilson

Fixture Secretary

Julie Williams m& Under 13s Jacqui Phillips-Jones

Registration Secretary

Julie Williams m& Under 14s Richard Brown
Policy and Procedures

Neil Stockdale

m& Under 15s Rhian Davies

Child Safeguarding Officer

Kieran Dunne Under 16s Richard Brice



Mal Jones   m&      

 A Typical Friday Evening at the Parc


Training Times

Our Minis and Juniors are going to be training and playing into the summer this year, due to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Please contact the relevant Team Manager for training arrangements.



Pentyrch Mini & Juniors Section – Parental guide 



Pentyrch Mini & Juniors (‘PM&J’) is a section within Pentyrch Rugby Football Club Limited (‘Pentyrch RFC’) responsible for the administration of rugby played at under 7 to under 16 age levels (Minis are under 7 to 11 and Juniors under 12 to 16). 

PM&J is subject to the rules and regulations applicable to Pentyrch RFC. This document sets out PM&J policies and procedures. By registering with PM&J parents, guardians and players agree to adhere to these policies and procedures.

If you have any questions about this document or suggestions on how we might improve matters then please contact us by email at m& 

PM&J fully embraces the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) Rugby Pathway 'Minis to Millennium' ('The Pathway') a copy of which can be downloaded from the WRU website at

The Pathway is an important document, it sets out the WRU Policy on Fair Play, the responsibilities of coaches, parents and players and the rules and laws applicable to the playing of the game at each age level. We ask that all coaches, parents and players take time to read the current version of The Pathway prior to the start of every season.  The Pathway sets out the following responsibilities; 

Parent responsibilities are to:

¥    Set a good example to your child. 
¥    Applaud good play by your team and by members of the opposing team. 
¥    Be friendly to parents of the opposition. 
¥    Not question publicly the referee’s decision. 
¥    Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from mini and junior rugby. 
¥    Recognise and value the importance of coaches. 
¥    Not force an unwilling child to participate in rugby, their enjoyment is paramount. 
¥    Encourage your child to play by the Laws/Rules. 
¥    Teach your child the importance of effort and teamwork. 
¥    Help your child to improve skills and to learn a positive attitude to the game. 

Player Responsibilities are to:

¥    Play rugby within the Laws and the Sporting Spirit of the Game. 
¥    Support and cooperate with fellow team members to ensure the team plays to its maximum capability. 
¥    Respect the opposition without whom the match would not take place. 
¥    Respect the referee and accept all decisions without dissension.

Player registration

1.    All players must be registered with the WRU in order to train, play or take part in any activity organised or arranged by PM&J and/or Pentyrch RFC.

2.    A newly registered player may, if they wish, train for a trial period of up to 4 weeks, before committing to paying an annual subscritpion. 

3.    It is also mandatory that at least one individual with parental responsibility joins Pentyrch RFC as either a full or social member. Players must be aged 6 by 1st September in the relevant year in order to register at U7 level. 

4.    In line with WRU rules PM&J will generally register a maximum of 25 players per age group.

5.    Priority will always be given to players living in the immediate catchment area subject to the overall discretion of the relevant Team Manager. 

6.    A Team Manager and / or Coach of a Junior age group team i.e. U12 – U16 must apply  to the Executive Officers of the PM&J Committee for permission to register more than 25 players. Any such application will be dealt with on an individual case by case basis and the decision shall be at the absolute discretion of the Executive Officers requiring a majority vote.

7.    Players registered in the preceding year have priority to re-register with their age group subject to the player, parent or guardian informing the Team Manager by email of the wish to re-register by 30 June in the relevant year. If any age group is over subscribed a player may ask the relevant Team Manager or Registration Secretary to join the player waiting list at any stage. 

8.    PM&J has a policy that any player who has not attended training on 4 consecutive weeks without the Team Manager’s agreement may be de-registered without notice in order to allow players on the player waiting list to join.

9.    All registered players are covered by a basic policy of insurance arranged by the WRU. No representation is made as to the extent of or adequacy of cover provided by the policy and participants are free to arrange additional or alternative cover if they wish.

10.    When registering a player you will be asked to provide contact details of the person or persons with parental responsibility. It is vital that you ensure that this information is kept up to date so that we can contact you in an emergency if we need to. Please therefore ensure that you inform your Team Manager of any changes. Please note that we will only communicate with the person or persons with parental responsibility whose details have been provided.

Electronic messaging and e-mail

Team Managers and Coaches will utilize messaging and e-mail systems to help with communications.

By registering you agree that your email address and/or mobile number may be shared with others registered with PM&J e.g. listed in group email recipients. If you do not wish your email address to be shared please speak to your Team Manager. 

All communications with players will be sent to the registering Parent or Guardian unless specific written consent in hard copy with a ‘wet ink signature’ is provided to the Club Safeguarding Officer 

Text messages and emails sent via group messages will be in standard form. Text messaging and email systems should never be used to send messages on an individual basis.

If you have any concerns about the content of any electronic message your should contact the Club Safeguarding Officer.

Player discipline & behaviour

1.    PM&J is committed to helping improve disciplinary standards at Mini and Junior levels of the game. Please note that the WRU Disciplinary Regulations and Codes of Conduct apply, a copy of which are available on the WRU website. Please note that these regulations include provisions relating to the reporting of certain disciplinary matters to the WRU Disciplinary Officer. The Codes of Conduct apply to all participants including spectators.

2.    Players are expected to behave appropriately at all times. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure players behave appropriately and follow instructions from Team Managers and Coaches. PM&J will take all appropriate steps to ensure that all participants adhere to the Code of Conduct and that players behave appropriately.

3.    'It is the responsibility of players, parents and guardians to ensure appropriate behaviour at all times. Team Managers and Coaches are not responsible for supervision / childcare generally. This includes, for the avoid of doubt, during intervals between matches.'

4.    PM&J reserves the absolute right to; exclude players from training and or playing matches, request that Pentyrch RFC terminate the membership of any member that fails to adhere to the Code of Conduct or otherwise acts in a manner likely to bring PM&J or Pentyrch RFC into disrepute and keep records of all disciplinary matters including details of incidents and action taken and to supply that information to third parties including but not limited to the WRU.

5.    It is not the role of the Team Manager or Coaches to report aspects of all player behaviour to parents / person/s with parental responsibility but the Team Manager or Coach will, where he or she feels appropriate, report or discuss any matters giving rise to concern to any person in so far as is reasonably practicable in all the circumstances.

New Team Managers, Coaches and Volunteers

1.    If you are interested in volunteering either as a Team Manager, Coach or Committee member then please contact the Chairman. We require that all new Team Managers at PM&J attend an induction with the Chairman before undertaking the role of Team Manager.

2.    We required that all new Coaches at PM&J attend an induction with the Coaching Coordinator before undertaking any coaching. Further, Coaches will be required to attend appropriate WRU Coaching Courses for the age group they coach.

Training & Matches

1.    At Minis level it is mandatory that someone with parental responsibility remains present at training and matches at all times. At junior level PM&J would prefer someone with parental responsibility to remain in attendance but it is not mandatory. Training is generally held on Friday evenings for under 7s to under 11s and on other evenings for under 12s to under 16s (please consult your team manager for exact days and timings). Matches are played on Sunday mornings.  All players must register with their team manager as soon as they arrive at training or a match venue.

2.    Please ensure that your child dresses appropriately for training and matches. Please note that often games are played in rotation and therefore players may be stood on the touch line for extended periods in wet, cold and windy conditions. For advice, please speak directly to your team manager. Players need their own black rugby shorts and black & white hooped club rugby socks.  Generally team shirts will be handed to players on the morning of the match and collected back in at the end of play.  Team shirts remain the property of PM&J.

3.    A copy of the seasons’ fixtures will be posted on our website Please note that is subject to change. If there is a change or cancellation in relation to training or a match a coaches or team manager will contact you as soon as he or she is able to do so.  Please note that the permission of the PM&J Committee is required prior to any matches or fixtures being arranged to take place on a day other than a Sunday.

4.    Coaches will be responsible for determining game time for individual players during matches. The Pathway recommends that for development and participation purposes all players should play at least one half of every game. The Pathway states that coaches of young players should encourage and concentrate on enjoyment and development of skills - results are of secondary importance. 

Home matches and the Clubhouse

1.    Spectators must not stand on any part of either of the two rugby pitches at the club during training or matches but stand behind the roped off area or barriers.

2.    Players must not wear their rugby boots on the patio area in front of the Clubhouse.  Please have a pair of trainers in a boot bag to hand.  After training and matches, players are allowed into the Clubhouse provided they are clean – bring a change of clothing/towel/clean trainers if you intend to go inside. The Clubhouse is available for use by members and invited guests in accordance with Club Rules. 


Team managers may enter teams into a number of tournaments and will aim to give all players the opportunity to participate in tournaments. As we recognise that young players value an element of competition it is likely that the Team Managers / Coaches will select players based on performance and ability for specific tournaments including but not limited to the Blues Cup and District Tournaments and at the knockout stages of tournaments generally.


Team Managers may arrange for players in their age group to go on tours. A person with parental responsibility will be required to give prior written consent for any player to go on a tour. All players going on tour will be required to adhere to WRU Disciplinary Regulations and Codes of Conduct and to behave appropriately at all times. Any Team Manager or Coach travelling on tour may at his or her absolute discretion exclude a player from further participation on tour and or require a player be collected from the tour by the appropriate person with parental responsibility.

Safeguarding policy

PM&J and Pentyrch RFC are committed to ensuring the welfare of children within rugby and adhere to the WRU Safeguarding and Protection of Children Policy which can be found at 

All Team Managers, Coaches and other volunteers must have an up to date Disclosure and Barring Service (‘DBS’) check undetaken by the PM&J Safeguarding Officer.

It is the responsbility of the Team Manager to inform the Safeguarding Officer as to the identify of any new volunteers before they pariticpate in any training, matches or other activity.

The Safeguarding Officer has absolute authority to prevent any individual or individuals, including an entire age group, from training, playing matches or participating in any activity in the event that any individual within that age group has failed to provide details requested by the Safeguarding Officer as necessary to allow a DBS check to be undertaken.

Any concerns should be reported to our Safeguarding Officer who is Kieran Dunne (Email: / Telephone: 07534 959562)

Photography and use of imagery

Children and their parents/guardians have a right to decide whether their images are taken and how these may be used. When registering, at the start of every season, parents or guardians will be asked to complete a photographic / video consent form to indicate whether they consent to photographs or video imagery being taken.

PM&J believe it is important that parents and guardians are able to celebrate the achievements of their children through the taking of photographs or filming.  However, photographs and imagery can be used as a means of identifying children particularly when accompanied with person information. This information can make a child vulnerable to an individual who may wish to ‘groom’ the child. They can also be used by estranged parents (e.g. in adoption or domestic violence circumstances) to identify, trace and cause significant difficulties for children. The content of photographs and imagery can also be adapted for inappropriate use.
We ask that parents and guardians report to the Child Protection Office any abuses of photography or imagery. 

Social Media Policy 

PM&J understands the benefits of using social media but aware of the inherent risks involved. Please ensure in particular that you;

•    ‘think before you post’ when uploading content
•    Avoid using social media when you are tired, emotional or have been drinking alcohol
•    Avoid taking or publishing personal details of children and young people
•    Promote your club in a positive way 
•    Do not promote poor sportsmanship
•    Do not incite violence on or off the field 
•    Do not harass other people including through your peers 
•    Do not post inappropriate photographs 
•    Ensure that your privacy settings and in place either restricting or allowing access to photos, personal information, comments about others, friends and followers to closed groups.
•    Block users who harass, cause offence or bully others

 Online or Cyber bullying

Players and other participants must respect of the feelings of others online. They should never post personal information, including pictures, about others without consent. They should not forward online content to others where it might be upsetting, hurtful or embarrassing. If they are asked to remove information that they have posted, they should do so immediately.

PM&J Committee

The PM&J Committee generally meets on the second Tuesday of every month between September and April.  A list of the current PM&J Committee members is available on request. 

The PM&J Committee may request that any coach, team manager, parent, guardian or player attend a PM&J Committee meeting or a separate meeting at any time with Committee members to discuss any matters of concern.  The Committee will give such notice as is reasonable in all the circumstances. If a participant fails to attend a meeting at the reasonable request of the PM&J Committee then that person may, at the discretion of the Committee, be prevented for further participation in PM&J rugby.

Complaints Procedure

We want to address any issues that might arise quickly and in a co-operative and friendly manner. We hope that in the majority of cases any issues or concerns can be addressed by the appropriate Committee Member, Team Coach or Team Manager. We certainly welcome comments and / or suggestions that could help us to improve what we do. If you do wish to make a formal complaint please let us know by emailing details to m& or writing to the PM&J Chairman and we will send you a copy of our complaints procedure.

Updated July 2018