27 September 2020 / Club News

Cardiff Area Lockdown Notice

The Cardiff lockdown

 After a really positive return to training, with good numbers registered and attending across all sections, we must now, unfortunately, take a break whilst the heightened restrictions for Cardiff are in place.

The WRU has made it clear than no community rugby activity is to take place.

Whilst it is a shame to have to pause our progress towards a full return to rugby, I’m sure you’ll agree that we must play our part and comply in full with this decision. Let’s hope restrictions aren’t needed for too long and we can get back to training again soon!

Bar service at the Club

As of 6pm on Thursday 24 September, you will have noticed some further significant changes to how we have to operate the bar service.

Face coverings

Firstly, you must now wear a face covering in all areas of the Clubhouse, unless seated at a table in the lounge or Club bar.

Secondly, we are now operating table service only. This applies indoors and outside.

Sign in (or scan) and sanitise

So, when you arrive at the Clubhouse, please sign in (or scan the QR code for the NHS app if you’re using it) and sanitise your hands.

Take a seat at a table

Make your way to an empty table and take a seat. Please make use of the main bar, as well as the lounge, as there is more seating available there. 

Remember, you can only sit at a table with someone from your own household and with up to a maximum of five other members of your household (though children under 11 are exempted from this number). You cannot sit with anyone else indoors, even with two-meter social distancing. Outside, you can sit with people from another household, as long as you’re maintaining two-meter social distancing. 

Your order will be taken at, and delivered to, your table

You can use the Club’s bar app on your smartphone to order. Alternatively, if indoors, a member of staff or one of our volunteers will come to take your order and card payment.

Relax whilst you wait for your order to be served at your table. Please be patient as we’re still getting used to this new way of working.

You should not leave your table or stand in the Clubhouse unless going to the toilet, arriving, or leaving the premises. Please remember to put your face covering back on before standing up from your table! 

Whilst this poses us some challenges in terms of changing from a bar service to table service, it has the potential to be quite an enjoyable experience from a customer perspective - you can sit back, relax, and have your orders brought to you!

The Club app is up and running and using it could speed up your order. If you’re sat outside, please use the app as we may not spot you out there at busy times!

Please continue to support the Club if you feel able to do so - times are tough for the hospitality sector generally and our Club is no exception. Your support is vital and very much appreciated. 

What are the risks of not complying?

Beyond the obvious public health risk of increasing the chances of transmitting COVID-19, not complying with these new arrangements amounts to breaking the law. You could be fined and the Club could be fined and, ultimately, closed if it is not ensuring that all reasonable measures are taken to ensure compliance. 

There is a further risk in terms of possible legal claims been made against the Club in circumstances where an individual contracted the virus, should it be considered that the Club has not taken all reasonable measures to comply with the law.

Remember, almost all areas of the Clubhouse and patio are covered by CCTV that can be accessed by enforcement officers and, ultimately, the Courts. 

Please do all that you can to help us keep you and the Club’s future safe!

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