21/05/2020 14:03
A Peek back at the past. 1975

 Deserved praise for 2 Pentyrch stalwarts - but tough times for the team against the old enemy!   Follow the link for the artical from the Western Mail

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Pentyrch Bowling Club @PentyrchBowls
30/05/2020 12:11:18
We desperately need local sport, join us and get a whole lot more back. @acapelastudio @KingsArmsWales…
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Pentyrch RFC @pentyrch_rfc
26/05/2020 17:28:27
Having completed the #prfcycletourchallenge in support of @TomMaynardTrust a little over two weeks ago, a few of th…


Pentyrch RFC @pentyrch_rfc
18/05/2020 18:52:21
2/2 The club would be grateful if everyone  heeds the request not to bring clothes to the SA bin, and ideally if th…


Pentyrch RFC @pentyrch_rfc
18/05/2020 18:51:38
1/2 We have been advised by Slvation Army that the clothes bin won't be emptied until restrictions end. We would as…