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Match Report
15 January 2019 / Team News

Penygraig H 0-25 Bowl

Match Report Pentyrch v Penygraig on 12th January (Cup)


On a fine but cold afternoon the Tyrchs kicked off the match. Graig caught the ball but kicked the ball out on the full. The Tyrchs were penalised at the following lineout for not throwing in straight but Graig were immediately penalised for not putting the ball in straight at the scrum. The Tyrchs chose to take a scrum, won it and ran the ball really well. Graig were penalised for a high tackle and Rhys Lynch found a good touch. The lineout was won and the ball moved into mid field bringing Dave Jones in on a crash ball. Graig defended well with the Tyrchs applying a lot of pressure which eventually led to them being awarded a penalty. Rhys took a kick at the posts and was unlucky to see the ball rebound off an upright. Graig secured the ball and found touch near the half way line. The Tyrchs looked keen to run the ball but were unfortunately penalised again for not throwing the ball in straight. Graig won the scrum and after threatening the Tyrchs defence were awarded a penalty which Owain Davies successfully converted. Score Tyrchs 0 Graig 3.

The Tyrchs restarted the game Graig caught the ball under little pressure and moved the ball into the Tyrchs half. Pressurising the Tyrchs defence into missing two tackles Graig were awarded a penalty which narrowly missed the posts. The game had completely changed around with Graig now exerting all the pressure.

The Tyrchs restarted at the 22 metre line and Graig fielded the ball well, organised themselves and scored a try to the left of the posts. Owain Davies successfully converted it making the score Tyrchs 0 Graig 10.

The Tyrchs restarted the game but unfortunately kicked the ball straight out. At the resulting scrum Graig changed tactics by kicking the ball, behind the Tyrchs defence and Nathan Williams had to scurry back to minor the ball. Graig now had their tails up with their scrum half giving a good service to their backs. The Tyrchs were then awarded a penalty and Rhys found a good touch. The Tyrchs coaching team appealed for calm and patience but unfortunately the Tyrchs lost the lineout and Graig took immediate advantage by running the ball, directly with Jay Power scoring a good try far out on the left. The conversion was unsuccessful making the score Tyrchs 0 Graig 15.

Tyrchs restarted the game at half way but were soon under more pressure from the Graig backs. Good defensive tackling by the Tyrchs caused Graig to attempt a kick through which found touch in the Tyrchs 22. Graig were awarded a free kick at the lineout and Graig put in a very good up and under causing the Tyrchs to lose control of the ball. Graig swiftly moved the ball to midfield and after their forwards made progress up the field broke away and scored another try. Owain Davies converted the try making the score Tyrchs 0 Graig 22 at half time.


Half Time


Graig kicked off the second half with the wind now in the Tyrchs favour. The Tyrchs did not secure the ball but were awarded a penalty for a high tackle. Rhys found a good touch and won the following lineout. The Tyrchs ran the ball well but knocked the ball on. The Tyrchs pressured the Graig scrum and won the ball back with Kieran Williams making a good run into mid field. The Tyrchs recycled the ball and moved the ball into the Graig half, with George Harris being finally forced into touch. Graig lost the ball at the following line out, and after a line out awarded to the Tyrchs, Dave Jones ran well into the Graig 22. The Tyrchs were then awarded a penalty, and chose to take a scrum. The Tyrchs consequently won the scrum and moved the ball forcibly nearer the Graig try line. The Tyrchs were awarded another scrum, and following a move from the back of the scrum, lost the ball forward only a metre from the Graig line.  Graig then won the resulting scrum, and cleared the ball up into the Tyrch’s half. The Tyrchs failed to secure the ball and Graig were awarded a penalty, which was kicked to touch on the Tyrch’s 22. The game then went back and fore with both sides being awarded successive scrums and penalties, without making much progress. The Tyrchs were then awarded another scrum, and following good running by the outside backs were awarded a penalty.  The Tyrchs chose to take a quick one, and a good break by Rhys Lynch and pass to George Harris nearly resulted in a try. The Tyrchs were now showing more positive play, and following a line out, were awarded a penalty.  The Tyrchs again chose to take a quick one, ran the ball really well, but once again lost the ball forward. Back came Graig with a vengeance, with their backs and forwards combining to nearly score a try under the posts. The referee deemed that one of the Tyrch forwards had illegally impeded a Graig player from scoring, and gave the Tyrchs a yellow card. Owain Davies successfully kicked the penalty making the score Tyrchs 0 Graig 25.

The Tyrchs restarted the game and immediately won a penalty which they again took quickly. Graig were now under pressure and knocked the ball on in the tackle. The Tyrchs won the resulting scrum, and George Harris made good headway up the field. The Tyrchs were then awarded a penalty which was reversed after some back chat to the referee. Graig kicked the ball to touch, won the line out, but were penalised for an offence.  The Tyrchs again ran the ball quickly but lost control of it in the tackle. The referee then blew up for full time.


Final score Tyrchs 0 Graig 25.


Next week  we are hosting Old Illtydians !st and Llanishen youth in league matches both ko at 2-30pm


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